Talent Management

Providing employees with numerous educational opportunities to improve their abilities

Employee Welfare Benefits

Work & Life Balance

We at Hanmi Pharmaceutical have implemented a variety of welfare programs to provide better-quality lives and ensure abundant and stable lifestyles for our employees.

  • Working environment

    Lounge operation (each site)
    Shuttle bus, transportation support,
    cloth support, Flexible working /
    telecommuting Cafeteria operation

  • For Family

    Women's rest room, nursing room
    operation, Childrens' tuition support
    (high school, college)

  • Congratulations
    and condolences

    Support for congratulations,
    wreaths, vacations, etc.

  • Anniversary

    Paid long term service welfare points
    Anniversary celebration welfare points
    (4 times a year)

  • Vacation

    Refresh Vacation & Condo
    / Resort Support
    Employee discount
    (national famous hotels, condominiums)

  • For Excellent Employee

    H-MBA course operation
    (Succession Program)
    Overseas training support
    Talent Retention Program

  • Empowerment

    Individual tuition support
    (graduate / doctoral course)

  • Health

    Health checkup
    (once a year)