Social Contribution

We are engaged in various social contribution activities to communicate positive impacts to communities and stakeholders.

Community Involvement and Development

Hanmi Pharmaceutical is engaged in social contribution activities in communities that require aid. We have provided living and medical expenses for low-income residents in Songpa-gu, and to help foster talent, we continue to present scholarships to students who cannot benefit from quality education due to geographical and environmental factors.

Support for Children of Multicultural Households
  • Cumulative amount of support for multi-cultural households

    KRW 588 million

  • Cumulative number of recipients of support

    67,796 people

  • 11 years running

Since signing an agreement to undertake the "Support for Children of Multicultural Households and Migrants" project with Ansan City in 2011, Hanmi Pharm has cooperated with the Ansan Global Youth Support Center to provide support to 60,560 individuals.
This project provides programs aimed at helping youths get settled in South Korea and includes language awareness education, mentoring, support for operating an alternative school, and Korean history discovery teams. The program is not limited to merely helping these households maintain a basic standard of living.

  • 안산글로벌청소년센터
  • 안산글로벌청소년센터
  • 안산글로벌청소년센터
Resource Recycling Campaign Through Win-Win Growth Collaboration with Social Enterprises

Hanmi Pharm is taking the lead in promoting the recycling of computing assets by implementing resource recycling. We are collaborating with the social enterprise ‘Comwin’ to bring information technology to underprivileged segments of society through the use of recycled computer assets.