Social Contribution

We are engaged in various social contribution activities to communicate positive impacts to communities and stakeholders.

Global CSR

Beijing Hanmi Pharm.

Beijing Hanmi Pharm pursues the same management philosophies as its parent company, namely ‘Respect for Human’ and ‘Value Creation.’ These two principles contain the idea that Beijing Hanmi Pharm exists to fulfill its societal responsibility for human health by creating better medicine for precious human lives. This awareness of its corporate mission is the reason why Beijing Hanmi Pharm is taking the lead in spreading a corporate culture of sharing. Beijing Hanmi Pharm was founded in 1996 principally for the purpose of improving the health of children in China. Our company’s commitment to improving the health of children has driven us to launch CSR activities in order to engage in local community involvement and development in China instead of only in South Korea. This is why Hanmi Pharm has grown to become a South Korean company beloved by Chinese consumers.

Blood Donation of Love

Beijing Hanmi Pharm introduced a Blood Donation of Love program to China that is similar to the one that is the flagship CSR campaign at its parent company in Korea. Since 2011, the company has ushered in the New Year by donating blood. China is a country where the culture of selling blood is deeply rooted. Beijing Hanmi Pharm has been playing a significant role in demonstrating love for fellow human beings by transforming this culture of selling blood to a culture of donating blood.

Medical Supplies for Children – “Mamiai Emergency Medical Kit”

Since 2000, Beijing Hanmi Pharm has donated medical drugs to the children of China. The company had been providing periodic donations to areas suffering in the wake of natural disasters such as earthquakes but then decided to start a more ambitious and larger-scale, systematic donation project and began producing Mamiai Emergency Medical Kits. Since 2012, the company has distributed medical kits to 30 orphanages in Beijing and Hebei Province. Additionally, since 2015, the company has distributed roughly 1,000 medical kits to 1,000 schools in rural Yunnan, Sichuan Guizhou and Guangxi Provinces among others through the China Youth Cultural Art Fund.

Contribution to Local Communities – Aid for Sun Village

The Solar Village is an institution where children whose parents have been sent to prison are taken care of. Unlike orphanages that are run with the support of government funding, Sun Village receives no governmental support because these children are still legally under the guardianship of their parents.
Therefore, Sun Village operates a farm with the children to generate income to pay for the children’s lodging and tuition expenses.
Beijing Hanmi Pharm not only provides material support to the Solar Village but also participates in volunteer work with approximately 200 volunteers each year helping on the farm. A total of 1,470 people contributed 6,440 hours of time over the 9 years from 2011. In addition to donating labor, we have supplied medicines, supported flu vaccinations, and upgraded bathroom facilities to continually help the local community.

Aid for the ‘Children’s House of Hope’ Facility and the Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Orphanage

Orphans suffering from incurable or acquired diseases need the protection of special facilities. The Children's House of Hope is a facility that cares for these special orphans, usually up to the age of three. The Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Orphanage is, as its name suggests, a special orphanage established for the purpose of rehabilitating orphans afflicted with cerebral palsy. Beijing Hanmi Pharm has always harbored deep sympathy for orphans living in such difficult circumstances and wants them to feel loved by society and help them grow up as healthily as possible, while seeking to alleviate their pain by donating medications, baby formula, and daily necessities, as well as cleaning their rooms, playing with them, and watching movies together.

Volunteer Activities for Rural Migrants’ Schools

After completing the project to modernize classrooms at the Gwangai Elementary School on the outskirts of Beijing, which previously was of a standard reminiscent of Korea in the 1960s, in 2019, attentions were turned to a school for rural migrants. Rural migrants who quit farming and move to cities for work have problems because unlike the full-time employees who are official residents of the city they are not capable of paying taxes, which in turn leads to their exclusion from social welfare benefits, making them unable to send their children to public schools. The rural migrants' school is a private school established in the public interest to provide educational benefits to these children. Beijing Hanmi Pharm regularly visits the school to support children with medical kits, household goods, and school supplies, and performs other activities such as classroom modernizations and volunteer work.

Star of Child Project / LiBingChangAn Project

‘Children’s star’ and ‘LiBingChangAn’ are public-benefit medical conference programs launched by Beijing Hanmi Pharm in cooperation with the Beijing Medical Fund. The goal of the conferences is to increase medical knowledge in the fields of pediatrics and gastroenterology and to serve as a venue where young doctors can absorb and share their experiences and improve their treatment and drug prescription skills. Some 288 conferences have been held to date, attracting the participation of 12,000 medical specialists in pediatrics and gastroenterology and receiving a great deal of support from doctors in China.