Social Contribution

We are engaged in various social contribution activities to communicate positive impacts to communities and stakeholders.


Hanmi Pharmaceutical strives to improve the economy and culture via culture-based social contribution. By supporting the expansion of the cultural and artistic population and the development of the cultural arts, we will become a company that remains in the hearts and minds of people.

Sound of Light Charity Concert

Every year since 2013, Hanmi Pharm has partnered up with the Medical Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) to hold the Sound of Light Charity Concert.
Hanmi Pharm sponsors this concert in the form of regular concert performances and the Sound of Light Hope Fund created through these performances, which is used to promote art education for children with disabilities.
For six years straight, this fund has been sponsoring Eoullimdan, a children’s choir at the Seongdong Welfare Center for the Disabled, and the Blue Angels Choir at the Cheongrogwon Welfare Center for the Severely Handicapped, located in Iksan.

  • Sound of Light Hope Fund’s Accumulated Fund

    KRW 279 million

  • Cumulative number of recipients

    216 people

  • 8 years running

The Museum of Photography, Seoul

The Museum of Photography, Seoul

Since 2002, Hanmi Pharm has been supporting the Gahyeon Foundation of Culture for the popularization of art and culture and for the development of Korea’s photography culture. The Gahyeon Foundation of Culture is a non-profit cultural foundation that opened the Museum of Photography, Seoul, the country’s first photo museum. Today, the museum is involved in various cultural and artistic projects and sponsors the creative pursuits and research activities of professional photographers. With an eye towards advancing and popularizing photography as an important art form in South Korea, the museum exhibits the works of photographers (from both South Korea and abroad) who are deemed to have artistic and historical value. In addition to supporting photographers, the museum is also involved in photography education through its Hanmi Photo Academy. The support provided by the Museum of Photography, Seoul aids the development of Korean photography as well as the cultural education of the general public. The charitable activities of the Museum of Photography, Seoul represent our company’s aspiration to fulfill our social responsibility for both the physical and mental health of the public. At heart, these are social contribution activities based on our love for humanity.