Social Contribution

We are engaged in various social contribution activities to communicate positive impacts to communities and stakeholders.

Support for Public Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Aid

Since 2004, we have sent pharmaceutical drugs valuing approximately KRW 13.3 billion to places suffering from a severe shortage of essential medicine. Hanmi Pharm has also been sending medical drugs to treat North Korean children since 1997. To the extent that our domestic circumstances allow, we are making every effort to send as much aid as possible to the children of North Korea through ‘Medical Aid for Children’. In particular, we provide support for natural disasters such as the flood disaster in North Korea. Whenever North Korea is facing a natural disaster such as flooding, we redouble our efforts to send medicine to the affected areas.

  • Cumulative amount of pharmaceutical aid (2004 - 2021)KRW 13.3 billion
  • Cumulative pharmaceutical aid to North KoreaKRW 3.8 billion
  • Amount of times pharmaceutical aid has been sent to North Korea10 times