EHS Management

Minimizing the negative impact on the environment and creating a healthy and safe production environment.

Environmental sustainability

Adopting ISO14001, the international standard on environment management systems in 2012, Hanmi Pharm established a firm direction and strategy while also developing a global standard for an environment management system that was able to minimize detrimental effects on the environment. As part of our efforts to reduce the levels of hazardous substances produced during its manufacturing processes, we at Hanmi Pharm prepared 1 manual along with 22 regulations and 17 guidelines under the goal of controlling the key environmental categories of water quality, air quality, waste products, and chemical substances.
We at Hanmi Pharm established the ‘EHS Policy’ and ‘h-EHS Committee’, which is a general organization of EHS, to enhance environmental management at the level of the Hanmi pharmaceutical group. The h-EHS Committee will continue to develop its goals and plans for the implementation of transparent environmental management through a quarterly meeting and consultations on compliance with various regulations.

  • Reduction of GHG / Energy consumption

    Targeted GHG emission management

    Energy harvesting: Heat from waste water utilities

    Initiatives: High-efficiency inverter, LED lights

    Steam energy conversion from eco-friendly material

  • Environmental Pollution management

    Facilities Installation
    : Management of air pollutants with wet dust collectors
    : Introduction of a new water treatment facility

    A real-time water TMS system
    (Automatic effluent water quality tele-monitoring system)

  • Minimize waste

    Improvement of the Waste Disposal SOP (standard operation procedure)

    Utilization and sale of waste plastic

    Increase recycling rate (24%↑, YOY)

  • Water usage

    Operation of water-saving devices as well as a related campaign

    Expansion of recycling water usage (*R/O water)
    *Reverse Osmosis (RO ) :a technology used for purification of water

  • Chemical substance standards

    Enforcement of hazardous chemical substance management based on relative guidelines

    Construction of an LMO (Living Modified Organisms) system (Research center)

    MSDS (material safety data sheet) management

  • Activities for biodiversity

    Community environmental conservation activities

    Improvement of emission purification systems