EHS Management

Minimizing the negative impact on the environment and creating a healthy and safe production environment.

Occupational health&safety

Hanmi Pharmaceuticals certifies and operates safety and health management systems based on ISO 45001, and PSM (Process Safety Management) to minimize safety and health risks to workers and communities. In addition, we are conducting Occupational Health and Safety Committee (quarter base) and periodic due diligence with leading global partners to establish firm safety and health system. All executives and employees of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are constantly striving to promote the health of associates and a safe working environment.

  • Measurement of working environment
    • Periodic measurement and monitoring of harmful factors (noise, dust, organic solvents)
    • Establish improvement plans with exposure level
  • On-site inspection & Review related regulations
    • Share issues & recommendations from monthly on-site inspection
    • Monthly review of relevant laws, such as the Industrial Safety and Health Act and the Dangerous Goods Management Act, and inspection of the implementation of the entire regulations once a year
  • Health management
    • Preventing occupational diseases caused by personal diseases or production activities via a periodic checkup. Provide health information of employees every month
    • Continuous monitoring of workers' health: investigation of musculoskeletal hazards, health counseling and guidance of nurses, switching work arrangements, etc.
  • Permission for safe work
    • Review the plan for major hazardous work, such as firearm, complaint, chemical handling, etc., and implement safety measure to prevent serious or major fire accidents
  • Risk assessment
    • Identification unacceptable risks and implement corrective measures through regular risk assessment on process& work
    • Securing the safety when changing the details of work or introducing facilities, with an occasional risk assessment
  • Safety/Health/Fire fighting management (with partners)
    • Preventing various accidents and diseases through regular & occasional safety and health training
    • Expanding operation of safety management for subcontractors. (joint fire drills, regular committee and on-site audit, provide training and knowledge etc.)
  • - Please refer to detailed plans, goals & achievement (including Covid-19) in latest CSR report