Environmental Management

Minimizing the negative impact on the environment and creating a healthy and safe production environment.

BCMS (Business Continuity Management System, ISO22031)

:ISO22301 is an international standard for a management system that maintains the continuity of business management processes by restoring the core business within a short period of time in case of an unexpected crisis, such as an accident, disaster derived from climate change.
In January 2020, Hanmi Pharm became the first Korean pharmaceutical company to obtain ISO22301 certification.

BCMS Policy Statement
  • 1.Strictly comply with relevant legal and contractual obligations, regulatory requirements
  • 2.Consistently develop a business continuity management system based on International Standard (ISO22301)
  • 3.Prevent disruptions in advance and improve action plans
  • 4.Communicate with all stakeholders and strive to promote a resilience culture throughout the company.
  • 5.Ensuring business continuity through rapid recovery in the event of an accident
  • 6.Maintain the best system through periodic drills and tests on various scenarios