Global Licensing-out

한미약품에 대한 신뢰와 사랑을 언제나 보내주시는 고객 여러분께 깊은 감사의 말씀을 드립니다.

Hanmi Pharm. is dedicated to develop and provide innovative, valuable drugs to its customers. In order to pursue this goal, Hanmi is highly interested in collaborative opportunities including product in and out-licensing, co-research, co-development, co-promotion, and co-marketing with research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech companies domestically and internationally.

Value Added Generics(VAG)

Collaboration Model
  • License-out VAG/generics to enhance Hanmi’s presence and competitive edge in target markets.
  • Technology transfer in markets where local manufacturing is more efficient or required.
  • For partners in need of high quality API/intermediates at competitive prices
Partnering Strategy
  • Collaborate with top pharmaceutical players in local and regional markets available to promote, market and distribute Hanmi products.
  • Promote Hanmi products to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction