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Hanmi Cepha Plant

Cephalosporin antibiotics is world's most well accepted, broad spectrum antibiotic.
Hanmi Cepha Plant is a Cephalosporin antibiotics dedicated manufacturing facility, producing both oral and injectable dosage forms. It has state-of-the art production facilities with the largest production capacity for Cephalosporin products in Korea. High quality standards in compliance with current international GMP regulations are maintained throughout the manufacturing process and product quality control.

Hanmi Cepha plant was established in 2007 and accredited with KGMP in the same year. It was awarded for self-audit from MFDS in 2010. In 2013, it was granted EU GMP certification from the German authority (LSJV), and Ceftriaxone Inj. was exported to EU for the first time in Korea.

  • Cepha Plant in Pyung-taek, Korea Photos
  • Cepha Plant in Pyung-taek, Korea Photos
  • Cepha Plant in Pyung-taek, Korea Photos
  • Cepha Plant in Pyung-taek, Korea Photos
  • Cepha Plant in Pyung-taek, Korea Photos
  • Cepha Plant in Pyung-taek, Korea Photos
Cepa Plant Overview
Cepa Plant Information
Floor Area size (m2) Floor Activities
3rd 2,820 Oral solid area, QC laboratories
2nd 995 QA office, control room, GMP library, gowning area for packaging
1st 3,030 Parenteral area, general office, material receiving and shippping
B1 2,913 HVAC, water treatment system, engineering room
Sum 9,758  
  • The facility is three-story building above ground and a basement.
  • We also have a high rack automatic warehouse with around 800 pallet cells.
  • Internal wall and ceiling are smooth and washable. Floors are epoxy-coated.
  • Each process zone (parenteral, oral solid, packaging, warehouse, etc) has a dedicated changing and rest room in order to minimize cross contamination by human interaction.
List of Manufactured Products
  • Powder Parenteral Drugs
    • Ceftriaxone Injection 0.25g/ 0.5g/ 1g/ 1.5g/ 2g (Ceftriaxone Sodium Hydrate)
    • Tazime Injection 0.5g/ 1g/ 2g (Ceftazime , Sod. Carbonate)
    • Cefotaxime Injection 0.5g/ 1g/ 2g (Cefotaxime Sodium Hydrate)
    • Cefradine Injection 1g (Cefradine Hydrate / L-Arginine)
    • Cefobactam Injection 1g (Cefoperazone / Sulbactam)
    • Fontiam Injection 0.5g/ 1g (Cefotiam Hydrochloride)
  • Oral Dry Products
    • Procezil Tablet (Cefprozil 250mg/tab.)
    • Cepodoxime Tablet (Cefpodoxime Proxetil 130ml/tab.)
    • Ceftil Tablet (Cefuroxime Axetil 300.72mg/tab.)
    • Cecapen Tablet (Cefcapene Pivoxil Hydrochloride 100mg/tab.)
    • Cefix Capsule (Cefixime 100mg/cap.)
    • Cefradine Capsule (Cefradine Hydrate 500mg/cap.)
    • Clocef Capsule (Cefaclor Hydrate 250mg/cap.)
    • Cefdiar Capsule (Cefdinir 100mg/cap.)
    • Cefix Powder (Cefixime Hydrate 50mg/g)
    • Cefdiar Powder (Cefdinir 100mg/g)
    • Pediatric Cecapen Fine Granule (Cefcapene Pivoxil Hydrochloride 100mg/g)
    • Clocef Dry Syrup (Cefaclor Hydrate 2.5g/100ml)